As passionate ocean lovers, the La Bella Verde boys set out on a mission to do good by protecting the sea and demonstrate fun and innovative ways to go about it.

The coloured triangles in their logo each represent one of the four earth elements, seen together as a star symbolising unity of the elements. This is the very ethos of the green team!


Starting as two captains and one marine biologist all living in Ibiza, the LBV team has now grown to 20 people strong, each character adopting the same mentality to their life as their work. We are here for a good time and mother nature should not suffer at our expense. Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion, in which the exploitation of resources, the orientation of technological development and innovation of change are all in harmony to enhance both current and future potential of meeting modern day aspirations. Searching for opportunities to help make a difference has led this team to become more than a boat chartering company, as they started out.

The expansion of solar marine craft design and development of their non-profit foundation demonstrates an alliance between creativity and dedication to their work. This dream team aim to impact the boating community with their progressive sustainable solutions in electric propulsion world wide. Chasing the sun from coast to coast and island hopping internationally with their new prototypes they intend to win the support of individuals, organisations and government.

Make sure you experience a voyage on one of these cool eco cats if you get the chance to visit ibiza or one of their new global destinations.